Thursday, August 21, 2008

I just got back from taking Renee to the pet store :-) all the boys were gone and she was bored so she said "let's go to the pet store!" She loves me having my license more then I do :-) lol. We fell in love with an adorable boxer puppy!

he looked like this...aren't they the cutest dogs!

Well I didn't get the job at FCB...I think I'll keep my job at Jo-Ann's for a little while longer. Although it's going to be a bit harder. The guy I work with all the time is leaving (for college) and I've been working with him for 2 years. We're the only ones really that work the front end of the store. So now I'm training a couple new people. But It's going to take some getting use to...They wanted to give me the supervisor position but I can't work all the hours they want me to work.
I'm working at my church too and Saturday I'm training for an online tutoring program that pays really well...I work from home so that will be nice.

My youth group is getting ready for our big summer bash :-) fun fun.

I went to student orientation yesterday, got to know the school really well...I'm so excited! :-) my class starts Tuesday.

I saw my buddy Asher a couple days ago! He lives a couple hours away so I don't see him much but he has his license, lol so he drove here.
Here are some pictures:

Asher, me, Nick and Asher's brother Colin

Asher and I

My mom's birthday was on the 13th. twice a year we have a girls birthday party with my aunts and grandma. Julie, my mom and Grandma have spring/summer birthdays so we celebrate those together Sue and I have winter birthdays (we share the same day actually, lol Dec 19th) we make yummy foods and talk :-) I made chocolate covered strawberries! yummy!

What else have I done...hmm...I spent the day with my good friend Lauren, she's in TX now for school :-( It was hard saying goodbye to her. We saw batman again :-)

Here's a picture:

(L to R) My aunt Sue, Aunt Julie, mommy and Grandma!

So yeah, life's pretty busy but good :-) I will update soon!


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Aisa said...

aww. lucky!! i wish i lived only a few hours away from you guys, too. lol.

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