Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And I thought my jokes were bad... ~The Joker

Well so much for a summer blog. My summer has been insane. And a lot of big changes coming up this school year.

I am in the process of trying to get a new job. I have an interview tomorrow at the Christian bookstore. My old youth leader worked there and she is leaving. She put in a good word for me :-) So I really hope I get the job! It pays way better the Jo-Ann's. So we'll see! I also was offered a job at my church doing office work for our rather large youth group.

I was asked to teach Confirmation classes at my church. I'm a little nervous about that...but we'll see, I might really like teaching :-)

And I'm taking a biology class two days a week at Front Range community college. I'm going to student orientation this month and I took my placement test yesterday. I did surprisingly well on the math section! Not so well on the reading, idk why, I've always been good at reading comprehension, I'll probably take that section over.

I saw batman! Amazing! Loved loved loved it. Heath Ledger's acting job as the Joker was incredible.

Oh yeah....

I GOT MY LICENSE!!!!! WOO HOO! I am so happy! I can drive places now :-) My dad is getting a new truck and selling his old one and after all that he's gonna get a "family" car that will be mine for the time being...I get to pay for gas and insurance, lol. But yeah I've been driving Nick and I to lots of youth group events.

So I think that's all the big things. :-) life will be getting crazy pretty soon!

I will update very soon! I promise! I have pictures to post and I'll let you know if I got the job!!!


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Love the new template :-p

Nice to see you on here again :D


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