Sunday, July 29, 2007


Time to update!

I have been super busy. I've been working of course. And My weekends have been full. I went to the Steubenville of the Rockies retreat. It was good! A really awesome experience. It's different thought when you've already gone 4 I went with a pretty big group of about 30 people. I had some of my good friends with me and I made some new friends.

I'm going out of town in a couple weeks just for the weekend my family and my aunt and cousin are going to South park (yes where the tv show South park is Where they have a reeeeaaaly cool museum. It's pretty much an old Western town with all the shops and homes with everything still in it! And that weekend they're having a living history thing. Should be fun!

I've also been really busy doing things with friends :) I went ice skating the other night...

Oh! I had my county shoot-off. I did well but not well enough. I placed 4th and I lost 3rd place by 4 points! Arg! I shot a 231, 1st place shot a 310 I think...
I made it on the state team but I'm not going to go. Too far...

I entered some of my drawings in the county fair. I'll find out tomorrow what I won :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I think I have memorized Audrey Hepburns face!

Hello! Time to update :s not to much going on really....I'm going to Stuebenville of the Rockies on Friday and I'll come home Sunday. Monday I went to see Transformers again. AWESOME movie!

I have been drawing a lot...I just finished 2 Audrey Hepburn pictures.

Here they are:

This one I'm going to enter in the fair.

That's about it!! I'll update when I get home from Stuebenville!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How do people make it through life without a sister?

~Sara Corpening

Some pictures of Renee and I having sister time :)

Monday, July 09, 2007


Hello Everyone!
How was your 4th of July? Mine was great! Better then last year :s (It rained and we all got the flu...) We went to my grandma's and then the park to watch fireworks. And that's about it :) We ate lots of food but it was weird food, we didn't BBQ, we didn't eat watermelon or have root beer floats like most years. We had sandwiches and jell-o, and other stuff w/ cake...So yeah, it was still good though!

Last night our VCR broke, lol. So we thought we'd run up to wal-mart and see if they carry those DVD/VCR's (because that's all you can get now) But then we remembered my brother Tony was getting rid of his VCR so guess what? Free VCR! They're hard to find! I mean you can find them at thrift stores but you don't know if they work or not!

Well that's about it...I have to go to work today and this weekend the boys are leaving for a camping trip! Woo hoo!

Here are some 4th of July pictures, all of them are fireworks except this one:

This is (l to R) my brother's Mikey (7) and Damien (11) And my cousin Santi (10)

Fireworks are hard to capture :s you have to have a really fast camera. here are some of the wierd ones, but I think they look cool:

Here are some of my better ones:


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

100th POST! And Happy 4th! :)

Hello! Guess what! this is my 100th post! WOO HOO!
I have a link there on the side of my blog called 'Michaella's Art Album' where you can go and view my drawings :) Oh, Mauri, you can see my drawing there ;) Sorry, I don't know why it's not showing up...

Today I went to shooting practice and shot a 275!!! A big improvement for me! Our county shoot off is the 24th so it's coming up soon!

Tomorrow I am going to see 'Transformers'! I'm so exited! And then I'll be going to my grandma's for food and fireworks! The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, I don't why but it is...

Well I'll post more later! Have a Happy 4th!


Monday, July 02, 2007

I had a very busy weekend! Christine came over Friday night and on Sat we went shopping everywhere! lol. I got a really cute outfit at Anchor Blue (love that store) And some of that mint lip gloss at Bath and Body and a shirt at Rainbow and a sparkly red headband at Claire's (I'm going to wear it on the 4th, I can't be live it's almost here! Wensday!)
Then we went to see 'Evan Almighty' surprisingly it was really good! I loved it! Better then Bruce Almighty I think, although I think Jim Carrey was the better actor.
Then we went to mass and the Stubenville dinner. I met some nice kids, I'm rooming with Christine and two other girls I don't know.
Then I went to Katieri's and we watched Pearl Harbor, GOOD movie!!!! I though it was pretty sad, it made me cry :(

And today I'm going to weed the garden and go to work! Fun!

Here is a picture I just finished of Eliza's niece Lottie:

Thats all for today!

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