Friday, June 29, 2007

The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.

~John Howard

I am so worn out! Man...I rode my bike like 3 miles (I think, it took 45 minutes to get there) to Lauren's house and we played Tennis and basketball with her brothers and then I bike back. I'm so tired because it was up and down a lot of hills. My legs are sore >.< Now I have to walk to work (and it's like 100 degrees out) and I get off at 10:00pm. Then tomorrow my friend Christine and I are going to do things all day, probably go shopping. And then I'm going to Katieri's tomorrow night and spend the night. Busy busy!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crazy week!


this week has been really crazy...Sunday most of us got sick including me. We all had some weird virus but it only lasted 2 days. I had to call in sick from work and my dad finally went back to work after like 3 days. He was the worst. My mom called the doctor and told her he should go to the ER, so they were there all night. He had a pretty bad virus, they gave him shots I think. I think it was dehydration...that's what was wrong with me at least. I felt dizzy and nauseous for two days. We've been reading and watching movies, the house was pretty quiet.

So we're all doing better now, which means the house is loud and in it's normal state again. :s

Tina had quite an adventure last week, she fell off her bike and scraped her self up pretty bad, she had to go to the hospital :s She is doing better now but the poor thing was really hurt. She had a concussion, a black eye, a swollen lip and nose...and a messed up face :( It will heal, I bought her some stuff to keep her busy :)
Jeez, that girl! She's been through a lot, a fractured skull when she was 2, and broken leg when she was 4. She's a tough one though.

What else, oh there was a fatal accident around the corner from my house, a little 8 year old boy died. He and his 10 year old brother were in a go-kart and a car hit them. To make matters worse it was a hit and run, they still haven't found the person who hit them. Pretty sad...

That's it I think, lol. A pretty busy week! Oh, my mom gave Celeste my birthday present for her (I drew a picture of John Paul the Great) She reeeaaaly liked it.
Here it is:

And I had to postpone my Arizona trip :( my grandma has to have surgery done on her knee so I'll probably be going in October.

eliza! I'll try take some pictures of my new haircut today, It really just looks the same just a little shorter, lol.

G2G, I work tomorrow and Friday, then Sat I am going to a dinner with the group I'm going with to Stuebenville of the Rockies and then I'm staying the night at Katieri's. We have dentist appointments today, ugh I don't like going to the dentist, I ALWAYS no matter what I do end up with a cavity if not more. Idk why but I take really really good care of my teeth, the dentist said I'm just really cavity prone. He told me I shouldn't drink juices or soda but I can't help that! Not with my addiction to Gatorade and Sobe! no way! lol.


Thursday, June 21, 2007


I've been so busy :s I've worked almost every day this week, I work tonight, and Friday and Sat night. Yesterday I worked and I had a really bad day, hopefully today will be better.
I've been drawing a lot, I just finished a birthday present for someone. And my aunts me to make my portfolio bigger so I can start displaying it places. Other then work and drawing thats really about it, lol.

Camp is going on right now, this is my first year (since I was 10) missing it. But I can't keep going forever, lol, I'm getting to old. and another thing it's gotten to expensive. It was the same price flying to VA and AZ together.
Speaking of AZ I'm going out there in August to stay with my grandma for a few days and hopefully visit some friends that live out there.

Thats about it! Wish I had more to say :s


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Damien tagged me

1. What’s your favorite animal? Cheetah

2. What’s your favorite kind of dog? oh boy thats hard, either a Boxer or a Corgi

3. Do you have a pet? yeah, a dog named Tater and a bird named Cookie

4. What’s your dream pet? A Boxer, lol.

5. Bonus. Would you rather have a guinea pig or a bunny? uh....a bunny, my brother is allergic to guinea pigs, plus bunnies are cuter

I tag: Eliza ;)

hey, thanks for the comments guys :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Art is art. Everything else is everything else.

~ Ad Reinhardt

I just finished drawing a picture of Audrey Hepburn and I really liked how it turned out:

I also finished a picture I am drawing for somebody:

Sometimes I just get in this weird drawing mode, lol....


Monday, June 11, 2007

Riding: The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground.

I had a pretty busy weekend :s Friday, I went to see Pirates again with my friend Lauren, it's waaaay better the 2nd time, lol, I understood it a lot better. So see it two times okay? :) and then we went to Latin Mass and I came home and watched an old Spencer Tracy movie called 'Judgment and Nuremberg' I was good only if you like WWII and court trials (the whole movie was pretty much in a court room) Nick fell asleep but I liked it...

And Saturday we went to a family friend's house and they have horses! So I got to ride. We all rode (except mom and Renee) my dad really seemed to enjoy himself! lol. He rode twice. Damien did too, Damien and Dad are the natural born horse riders. Even though I took lessons for 4 years, they over rule me. I was actually really scared to get on :s After my horse accident I don't like riding anymore :(

Here are some pictures:

Well I have shooting tonight and next week I have to work EVERY (except Tues) ugh....

that's all! G2G!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tea is instant wisdom - just add water!

~Astrid Alauda

Sorry it's been awhile! The past week I've worked a lot, and I have this whole week off so I have some extra time on my hands :) Well the Month of May was sooo busy for me! Being in VA, and then a family (my mom's 'Internet' friend and her family) stayed with us for 3 days and they took me to see a Broadway play called 'Wicked' (a prequel to the Wizard of Oz) Which I lOVED! And work of course. And my Grandma and Grandpa (from AZ) came over the other day and we planned for me to come out to AZ in late August, so I have yet another trip to take this year! :)

We recently went on a tour of Celestial Seasonings (tea), its the only factory in the United States; its in Boulder, CO. So we had lots of tea that day :) And they have the cutest gift shop. While on the tour the tour guide asked if anyone knew what thier most popular tea was and I answered "sleepy time!" and I was right! woo hoo! lol, anyways, here is a picture of a dress made out of the Celestial Seasoning tea wrappers. and there are shoes and a handbag also! Isn't it pretty? lol! So if you are ever touring Colorado I would suggest taking the tour!

We went the the Natural history museum today, It was my 100,000th time being there *sigh* but it was still fun, lol.

and lets see, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3!!! LOVED it! I still love the 1st one best but they're all good! I think they should make a 4th one, and then after that it will die down...I'm going to see it again on Friday, lol.

That's all for now! Hope you are all doing well, and I hope to hear from you :)

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