Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I love rain!

Time a for an update I suppose!
It has been raining here for two days. I LOVE rain!!! :)
I just got back from the homeschool history fair...Some nice projects. We didn't submit anything though, we just didn't find the time.

And let's see, I'm getting ready to leave soon. I'll be leaving for VA in exactly 1 week from today. I'm very excited.
I met some of my online friends the other day! lol...Here is a picture:

There's (LtoR) My brother Nick, Asher, me and Aisa.
Aisa was visiting from out of state so we got together and met. We're all friends from a Catholic homeschool teen board. We went to Mother Cabrini Shrine and climbed at least 300 steps if not more, lol. It was very wierd meeting at first but we became good friends by the end of the day :)
Here is a picture of the Sacred Heart Statue that is at the top of the steps:

Well that's all I've been up to besides work!
I'll try to update before I leave!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

stupid Internet...

I hope everyone is having a good Easter! I am. I had to work Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Monday! :s Is was nice to get that break in between.
I am on break now so I've been finding things to do around the house, lol. Watching movies, cleaning my room out and later I'll go to the library.
My e-mail is not working right now and its making me frustrated! Argg! Hopefully it'll be back up soon.
So I'll be leaving for VA in 3 weeks! So next week I'm going shopping with my grandma for things I need. Mostly clothes.

did everyone see my snake pictures below? :) I told my mom I could stay at the zoo forever and just take pictures of animals! I'm always the last one behind because I'm either taking a picture or writing on a piece of paper, the name of the species. I could do that in any place really! So when I learn how to drive *coughs* I will be able to go to the zoo! woo hoo!
I'm doing photography in 4-H this year...

Here are some more zoo pictures:



Another lion...

idk what this is, lol...some lizard.

This goose is king of the lightpost.

lol, have a good day!!!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


King Cobra

Rhino Cobra (my favorite)

Monocled Cobra

Snake Skin

I went to the zoo today and had fun taking pictures of snakes :) This is a: Python

Diamondback rattle snake

Green tree snake (forgot it's specific name..)

Yellow Viper

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I got tagged...

Damien tagged me! :

What toppings do you like on pizza? Pepperoni and extra cheese (YUM!!)
What’s favorite drink? Sobe (the white stuff)
Do you like marshmallows in your hot cocoa? YAY!!!
Cream cheese or butter? Cream cheese
What’s your favorite dessert? oh goodness, I like brownies anything chocolate really
Milk chocolate or white chocolate? Milk chocolate…mmm!
Best thing you’ve ever made? PIZZA! and tortilla soup.
Your favorite recipe is for? Tortilla soup or chocolate chip cookies
Do you prefer cooking or baking? baking!
What food do you never want to try? I tried egg plant the other day and thought it wasn’t that bad so that’s off the list, so…um…pig tails. lol
What’s your favorite chip? chocolate chips
Do snack in-between meals? Yes :s
Favorite flavor of ice cream? *sigh* there are too many, Rocky Road!
Fruits or Vegetables? Fruits, banana’s and oranges, yum.

I tag: Eliza!
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