Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's cold in Colorado...

4 days till' Christmas!
Hello everyone!

Okay so...first of all:
The city of Denver is in turmoil as we battle the snow. We had a HUGH blizzard. I don't know how much snow we got but we got a lot. It comes up to my knees but there are drifts everywhere that are much taller then me...My dad got stuck on the highway on the way home from work yesterday for almost 5 hours! He left at about noon and didn't get home until about 5. It was was just standstill traffic, cars just weren't moving. They had to get the national guard to rescue people. So...I got work off, and we've just been baking cookies, wrapping gifts (I still have to get out there and finish Christmas shopping! :s) The mountains behind us look really pretty! I was just telling my mom "I wish I had a digital camera!" So I could take pictures of the "aftermath" and post them on my blog! She told me to take my next paycheck and just buy one! (I think she is just as anxious as I am because she thinks she's gonna be using it for her blogging! psh...yeah right. J/K)

I had a wonderful birthday! Thank you everyone for the messages :) I had my grandparents and godparents over for dinner and listen to the old people talk all night. lol. I got some nice things from my family :) I got a book on WWII and a sweater from my mom and dad and coloring books, storage cases, and a chicken soup for the dog lover's soul book from my brothers, pajama's from Tony and Carol, a phone card from my godparents and I got my gift from my grandparents a while ago, lol, long story... Anyway I have yet more gifts to recive from friends! Just couldn't get them because of the SNOW!!!

Well I have yet some more exciting days ahead of me (Christmas and the Bronco game) So you will be hearing from me again!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

yet ANOTHER boring post.

Work and school, thats it....Everyone is getting sick.
details? Well I'm going to start WWII history, I loooove learning about WWII. I just got done learning about WWI. for work my schedule has been full. I work almost everyday of the week for 4 to 6 hours. The Christmas season is pretty crazy. It gets busy.
I just got back from the nutcracker ballet tonight! My mom and I took Tina and Mikey. It was fun. It was very good! It was like the Colorado Ballet but still pretty nice! Carol was suppose to go with us but she got sick too. :(
My b-day is in 7 days! woohoo! I'll be 17. I probably won't do much. My grandparents will be here and that's it! I'm glad I don't have to work that day :p
Oh yeah! that scary wolf looking dog that killed my neighbors dog was taken away, now the neighborhood feels safer, lol.
hmm...I think I have all Christmas shopping done! yay!
Ahhh...I've abandoned Cookie, her cage needs cleaning! Bye bye!
Thanks for the comments :)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Busy week...

Hello everyone!
Man...busy week! Work and school mostly. And last night I went to the parade of lights downtown with Tony, Carol, my brothers, my Aunt and uncle and cousins. It was fun, my friend Kaitlin was in it and we saw each other :)
My mom is doing much better, thanks for the prayers and comments :)
Just got done watching yet another intense bronco game. Of course we lost...ARGG!!!

Well how bout' a little update of my special little sister! Renee is growing up so fast. She helped me make cookies today :) She is such a smart little 2 year old. Some of the things she Although she is very cute she also has a bossy attitude. She thinks she is the queen of everything.

I just got done reading a book called "Arms of Love" it's a story about a Catholic girl and how she practices chastity...It was very good!

Well I'm off to bed now...My nice warm bed, it is SOOOOOOOO COLD here!!!!! I am so cold I can't move...So I think I'll go take a hot shower, that sounds good!
Thanks again for the comments, Love you too Grandma! ;)

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