Sunday, November 26, 2006

prayers please!

today is the solemnity of Christ the King!
Hello everyone!
Wow...lots going on!
First of all if you could please keep my mom in your prayers. She just had a miscarriage. Yeah she was expecting. We didn't get a chance to tell anybody! It came really early. She is very tired and exhausted right now and my dad has been out of town :( Prayers are greatly appreciated.
How was every one's Thanksgiving? Mine was great! I had LOTS to eat! I went to my grandma's. We ate then sat around and watched the Bronco's game, they stunk! Jake Plummer was making me mad. The whole team wasn't playing that great. Mike wasn't doing to well either...We play the Seattle Seahawks next weekend, we'll see how that goes.

I had to work on black Friday, lol, but Jo-ann's wasn't that bad. I think it was the bigger places like JC penny's, Macy's, Best Buy, etc. that went crazy. On the way home from my grandma's we saw RVs in the parking lot!!!!!! I couldn't believe it!
Man the radio stations are already playing Christmas music! I prefer waiting like the week before Christmas to prepare and celebrate CHRISTMAS DAY and keep on celebrating for the next TWELVE DAYS of

I'm glad I have today and the next two days off so I can stay home and help my mom out. My day gets home Tuesday! But then he's gonna have to go to work the next day stinks.
Tony and Carol have been helping out. I'm so grateful they only live 8 blocks down!

Well thats all for now!
Thanks for the prayers!

Monday, November 20, 2006


today is the feast of St. Rose Phillipine Duchesne
St. Rose, pray for us!
Hi everyone!
Hmm....whats been happening? not too much, I just got back from work. Umm....Saturday I went to my aunts to help paint most of her house white. She is planning to sell it soon. Saturday night I went to Kaitlin's birthday party. That was fun, we went ice skating and had a sleepover. And Sunday I went to Tony's for the disappointing Broncos game. Man it was terrible. Plummer was not himself that night (well he's never his self, you can never tell weather his a good QB or a bad one) Mike B. did well though! So did Jevon Walker, he always tears the games up. I think he is the MVP, I'm not sure.

Anyways...oh, my mom and I also went to a high school craft fair. We got some nice Christmas gifts. Tomorrow We're going to some field trip and Thursday I'm going to my grandparent's for Thanksgiving. What is everybody doing for Thanksgiving?

Well I need to get to bed, sorry for once again another boring post about my life...I'm sure you all love hearing about it, lol!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today is the feast day of St. Margaret of Scotland,
St. Margaret, Pray for us!

Hows everyone doing??? I'm alright. I did school today and that's about it :s Tomorrow I have a babysitting job from 9 am to 2pm and then it's off to work from 4 to 9pm....I was suppose to work yesterday but Jo-Anne's was under budget and couldn't afford payroll so I had the day off, I would've like the money though because Christmas is coming up!!!!! The Budget is going to go up during the Thanksgiving sales though. Are you all ready for Christmas shopping? What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?
anyway...I sliced my finger making dinner today. First time I've cut myself in forever. (It wasn't that bad, lol.) my finger hurts though. lol.

Thanks for the comments Eliza and Mauri :) You're true friends! Mauri, I read the original version of Beowulf...ugh...Now I'm reading Sir Gawain and the Green Night re-told by Tolkien, its better ;) lol. Thanks for the long post! Do I owe you a letter? I'm sooo bad, I'm sorry.
Eliza, you should be getting a letter any day now! And I've been checking you're blog everyday! Time to update! :p

Okay, g2g2 bed!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The usual....

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well! Just got done watching the Bronco game. They won again, but it wasn't a great game. We almost lost against the sorriest team in the division...
Anyway...I might be going to a game next Sunday!
I worked yesterday...I got some really rude people >:( I didn't lose my temper We also had a baby hurt himself in a cart. His foot got stuck, he was about 9 months. poor baby....He was okay, someone put lotion on his leg to make it slip out easier and it worked! ugh...I found out I have to work the day after Thanksgiving :( It stinks...

I have to tell everyone a kind of funny story. It wasn't funny at the time though. Okay, my friend Katieri has a bad habit of joking around too much and she told me she had cancer and made it seem so I believed her which is one thing I will never do she e-mailed me and told me she was to sad to talk so I didn't call her (at first I didn't believe her) So my mom came home and I asked her to call. So my mom calls asking if Katieri is okay, and her mom is like what? she was sooo mad at Katieri...hehe. I was mad at her too. I'm still mad...

Well, I g2g catch up on some school reading! I just got done reading Beowulf, has anyone ever had to read that for school? Very

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Field trip today.

today is the feast of Blessed John Duns Scotus
Blessed John Duns Scotus, pray for us!

Hey everyone, sorry it's been awhile ( I always say that, huh?) Not to much going on really. We went on a field trip today at the Chamberlain observatory. Today mercury was aliened with the sun. So through the biggest telescope I've ever seen, I got to see it! It was a small black speck moving through the middle of the sun....It was awesome. I'm not much for astronomy but it was fun :) It is fascinating!
our elections didn't turn out to well....We got all the pro-abortion people including our governor. We are ruled by Democrats now...
And now I'm off to youth group!
I work Friday and Saturday, maybe something exciting will happen so I can write again, lol.

Until next time,

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day of the dead

Today is the day of the dead
Today we went out to the Mount Olivet cemetery for all souls day. We visited my great grandparents graves, and our friend Rebecca's grave. It was sort of a field trip. We brought 'pan de muertos' it means bread of the dead. It's a Mexican tradition to make those and sugar skulls (we just made bread shaped into skulls, sounds weird but they turned out great) We did grave rubbings also. I really like visiting the cemetery. It's sad to see the children's cemetery though :(

I had fun at Casa Bonita's. Mike Bell is really funny...
Here is a picture:

Okay! G2G2 mass! Not much else going on! So until next time!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today is all saints day
Hi! Sorry it's been a while....
Haw was every one's Halloween? Mine was Took the little kids trick-or-treating with Tony and Nick. They got so much candy they HAD to split it with us...omg, I've never seen so much candy! Damien was a pirate, Mikey was spider-man and Tina was a cheerleader.
Renee is doing much better from her surgery...She's still really sore. Not much else's going on...just work and school. I'm going to casa bonita (Mexican restaurant, there's a waterfall with divers, a Mexican band...uh forgot what they're called band and other cool attractions) tonight with my Tony, Carol and Mike Bell. I'm going to take my bronco hoodie and have him sign it :) The Colts game on Sunday was CRAZY. we lost but we still played good. Mike made two touchdowns!

Not much else! Hopefully next time I'll have something more interesting to write


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