Thursday, October 26, 2006

I will miss you Hawk Nelson...

<------HAWK NELSON. My favorite band *sniffs*
I woke up this morning and we got about 6 inches of snow! Yesterday it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt...the weather changes really fast here.
Lets see, not to much going on. I won tickets to a concert on the radio but I can't go because it's 45 minutes away on a Halloween night so no one wants to go with me...It was Jeremy Camp and Hawk Nelson (Hawk Nelson is my favorite band in the whole world) So I'm pretty bummed, considering I'm not doing anything on Halloween night.
Renee is having her hernia surgery tomorrow morning so keep her in your prayers, I'll let everyone know how she does.

And I have to work this weekend! woo hoo....That's really about it, lol. Just sittin' around doing school, nothing to exciting.

So that's about it!!!!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Busy weekend

Hello everyone!
life has been a little and school. I had a busy weekend. I went to Homecoming with Katieri (pics below) That was fun. We got the courage to dance, lol. I stayed the night and Sunday I went to my aunts house for a girls birthday for my mom, my aunt Sue and me. I got some cute things :) Some purses, a watercolor set, a book about Monet, some things for my room (candle, pillowcases) $25 to Target, fuzzy socks, a shower set, scarf and gloves, and a few other things. My birthday is December 19th, we just celebrated it really early thins year, lol, I'll still celebrate it with my family in December.
After that I came home, watched the Bronco game. Of course they won 13 to 3 against the Oakland Raiders. woo hoo!

I have a lot of school to catch up on so I better get my day started :s

Oh, yesterday was the most interesting day...Mikey some how fell through our glass table , yeah. His foot has some nice cuts in the bottom but he was very fortunate! I have no idea what he was doing. I had the lovely job of cleaning the glass up...sighs.
Damien hurt his shoulder on the trampoline, Nick stepped on my foot and bent my toenail back so now my toe is all blue, Nathan trip and banged his elbow on the wall. I'm sure something happened to Renee. Yesterday was the day for hurting yourself, did any of you hurt yourself on Monday? lol.


Here are the pictures. leave comments!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

whoa... time to update!

Sorry it's been so long! I have been terribly busy! Work takes up a lot of time, plus fitting school in which I should be doing right now.

I just got back from youth group and I must share something I never thought of before....
We were reading the book of Genesis and tonight we came to chapter 22 when Abraham is told to sacrifice Isaac by God. So Abraham and Isaac are walk up the mountain of Moirah Isaac is carrying the wood and asks Abraham his father "Where is the Lamb for the sacrifice?" Abraham tells Isaac "God will provide" (hopefully you know the rest of the story, God was testing Abraham so yeah...he really didn't have to kill his son because an Angel stopped him)
Okay I never realized this but Abraham said "God will provide" And he did! The lamb of God! God's son Jesus. And the cool part is, Jesus carried his own wood! The cross. And he carried it up the mountain of Golgotha which is in the same mountain range (Moriah) that Isaac carried his wood.
Cool huh? There is so much behind the stories in the bible, its really neat.

Anyway! Work is going okay, I didn't like it at first, I was really nervous and scared but every day gets a little easier. But being a cashier really isn't easy. *sigh* Its work....
Let's see, Saturday I'm going to Machebeuf's homecoming with Katieri (we are the dateless wonders) and staying the night. And Sunday I'm going to my aunt's for a girl's birthday party for my mom, my aunt Sue and myself (we share birthday parties even though Sue's and my birthday's are in December.) Oh! last week Mike Bell came over our house for dinner (he is the running back of the Denver Bronco's) He is a friend of ours (except I don't remember him, lol) So it was cool to meet him...
Yeah the Bronco's beat Baltimore Monday night 13 to 3...good game!

That's about it! School tomorrow, I need to get up a 7:30 and it's 10:00 pm so I better get some shut-eye, especially since I was up late last night with this stinking' cough I have.

PLEASE leave comments! Mauri, Tater is 9 months old :) In a teribble chewing stage...And Tater was his original name it kinda ooh I owe you a letter.
Eliza, look forward to the letter ;) Thanks for the posts guys!


Sunday, October 01, 2006

So much going on!!!

St. Therese, the Little Flower, please pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love; ask God to grant me the favor I thee implore and tell Him I will love Him each day more and more. Amen.


Well as you probably already know, I got a part-time job at Jo-Ann's fabric store! I'm very excited! It only takes me 5 minutes to walk there.
More news, We got a dog today! His name is Tater and his a Blue Heeler cattle dog mix. We like him a lot and he likes us a lot :) Here is a picture of him:

He loves it outdoors, and loves the yard. He is still a young puppy so we have some training to do....
And what else...oh! Today is Renee's 2nd Birthday! We had a birthday party for her last night. She got TONS of clothes and baby She loves all her new stuff :) She is still getting use to the big doggy taking her place as the baby of the family :p J/K she's still our little spoiled princess and always will be!
I drew a picture of her for her birthday, I'm really proud of it, it's the first time I've actually drawn a face that looks like the person! lol. Here it is:

Well That's about it! I have to get up and start school tomorrow! I also have to go shopping for white polo shirts and Khaki pants, that's the dress code at Jo-Ann's :s
Leave comments! Thanks for reading!

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