Monday, May 29, 2006

happy Memorial day again :)
that's are really need thing to do for memorial day! Awesome!
don't forget to e-mail me ;) and yes we have too much in common, I love it!
Geez, I love you guys, you're so....dedicated, lol. Thanks for all your wonderful comments ;)

My Memorial day was fun, really busy, we went to my aunts first, my aunts and uncle are planning my Grandma and Grandpa's 50th anniversary. Yeah their 50th is on I think July 24th. That will be a fun celebration, we all love my grandparents so much, they do a lot for everyone.
And then we went to my grandparents for a BBQ. Too much FOOD!
As far as vacations and retreats this summer, all we're doing is going up to Winter Park, CO for my mom's cousin's wedding. And after we come home we're getting a dog!!!!!! I can not wait!
And Steubenville is July 21-23.

When I was at my grandma's today I was watching the first X-men (I've never seen them) I didn't get to finish it so I am going to get it asap, it was awesome (from what I watched) I mean all the mutant people are just so cool! lol.
Okay, I think I'll go make use of my time and practice the recorder. (that's what I'm learning to read music, it's working pretty good so far!)


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I am, yesterday I had to go buy new clothes because I stained all my other clothes with chocolate syrup...
And my mom and I went to a coffee shop to go over my high school transcript for 9th and 10th grade. I really need to work myself for 11th grade because I need to get more credits.
I think I know what I want to do in college, lol (maybe) I think I will look into zoology! I don't think it will ever happen but how I would love to work with Gorillas like Jane Goodall.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial day! I am going to my grandma's (the usual) Damien will be 10 on the 30th so we are celebrating my cousin Tommy's 10th birthday (the 25th, Damien and Tommy are 5 days apart) and his birthday that day.
So now I think I'll try to start on the curtains for my room :s


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Hey everyone! I've had a busy day, the usual school. And we went grocery shopping. So did anyone 'other-cott' the 'Da Vinci code'? We wanted to go see 'Over the Hedge' but we can't afford tickets for our whole family, lol. I heard the movie was really bad and poorly made. The newspaper gave it a bad review too. *sigh* what's next? I had a Butterfinger day today, I ruined to shirts. First I spilled chocolate milk on my only white shirt, so I tried to bleach that, it turned purple...then I got more chocolate syrup on one of my pink shirts (which isn't my most favorite shirt) Then I spilled my mom's wine on my pants, luckily that didn't stain. Aren't I amusing...geez. My week really hasn't been that interesting so the blog is boring and short like usual. But could I ask everyone to pray for a friend of mine who is had back surgery? Her name is Helen Nowak, she is 14. Thanks! ~Kayla ps. man I just found a new favorite band, and I'm gonna get thier CD, "The Classic Crime" they're awesome! (had to share that ^_^)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Busy weekend

Today is the Feast day of St. Rita
St. Rita, pray for us!

Sorry it's been awhile, I've been really busy and haven't been on the computer in a few days. This past weekend was yet another crazy one! Friday we went to a May crowning at a retirement home with some other homeschoolers and after that I went to Katieri's house for a while. We watched "yours, mine and ours" Which wasn't a bad movie, but not the best.
Saturday I went to Kaitlin's Jazz dance which was a lot of fun, I found out there more people in it that I knew, Teresa and Melissa were in a hip hop dance, Lauren and Eva were in a Jazz dance and a girl I babysit, Angela, was in it also. And I saw a friend there (Cassie) that I haven't seen in like 3 years! it's was awesome...
And Sunday my grandma came in from AZ and we had (almost) everyone over for a BBQ, that was fun.
Today I started a Music Theory internet class, so I'm finally learning how to read music! Yay! And the class I believe teaches chords later on, so by the time we get a piano and start lessons, I'll at least know that much.
Oh, the highlight of my week. last Wednesday I was at the mall buying some new shoes and my very forgetful, careless self set my purse down and forgot about it and walked out the mall! So I get on my bike, realized it was gone, started freaking out and ran it to the mall like a crazy person. I looked for it, and found a security guard, gave him my number and went home crying like a mad woman because I thought my phone, ID, and money were gone forever. Then as soon as I got home (by the way I prayed to St. Anthony all the home, I'm telling' you he rocks) the mall called me! The found my purse, luckily the phone and ID were still in there but someone stole my $15.
so yeah, interesting huh? lol :)
Till next time...

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Mother's day
What an AMAZING week this has been!
Friday was the Nick and Damien's Conformation. I was Nick's sponsor. It was a nice mass, although the Archbishop could not be present because he was having a prayer meeting with all the seminarians. It was crowded and a little loud (not enough respect for Jesus who is present in the tabernacle) Damien's Saint was St. Joseph and Nick's was St. Maximilian Kolbe. I made Nick a black rosary with blue Our fathers. Then on Saturday I went to my little cousin's (Santiago) 1st Communion, that was WAY loud but still nice, Santi got to read a prayer intention, he was so cute :) And I went to visit Katieri after that for awhile. And Sunday (today) was awesome, saturday 11 priests were ordained and on Sunday we went to the 1st mass of one of them. He is a family friend, Fr. Matt Hartly, I don't know him as well as the rest of my family because I was gone when they had him over. But it was really cool, I'd like to go to more of those...who knows maybe I'll get to go to Damien's 1st mass. I sure would like him to be a priest :) He got to serve Fr. Matt's mass. I have had to much cake and punch from all the receptions!
Then we went to my grandma's to say happy mother's day. I gave my mom an bath tub pillow :) She takes a lot of baths. So it has been a VERY busy weekend and on top of that I'm trying to finish painting my walls...which is craziness...But its turning out great, its a nice green color. Can't wait until it's done. That's why I haven't posted in awhile. Also, I'm not going to camp this year :( first time in 6 years I'm going to miss it. I can't go because it's to expensive this year. I was really bummed about that, I ended up not doing a lot of this I wanted this year like the fashion show and prom. I am going to Steubenville of the Rockies though! That will be nice, I always look forward to that. Well better go! ~Kayla

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I love Welsh corgi's!

Today is the the Feast day of St. Florian
St. Florian, pray for us!

Today was busy, I did school of course and volunteered again at the shelter. I must have played with 20 or so dogs, lol, so I'm really tired. Oh my gosh, I played with the cutest dog! I LOVE the Welsh corgi! They are so cute! For those who don't know what they look like:
But for some reason my mom has like a weird phobia of dogs with short legs so I don't think I'll ever get one. Until I move out. he he.
Tonight we have a religion class (Nick and I) to go to.

So Hope everyone is well, till' next time!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sts. Philip and James

Today is the feast day of Sts. Philip and James
Sts. Philip and James , Pray for us!

Hey everyone,
Today is my brother Nathan's 20th Birthday. We'll probably do something for him on Saturday or Sunday, I still have to get him a presant. lol.
Today we went to mass and I came home to do school.
My blog needs something more....
I'll think about it today. My mom has given me a few ideas too.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Today is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker
St. Joseph, pray for us!

Hello! Can't 'blog' long, I have had a busy day and I gotta go to bed.
But today I just did errands and as much school as I could fit in.
I am listening to a book on tape called "Killer Angels" it's about the civil war of course (Gettysburg) lol, I love the civil war and I there is just to much to learn about it! When I'm done with the civil war I'm going to start on WWI-WWII I am also very interested in that time.
I have been busy decorating my room. I'm getting the paint this weekend. But I am going to do my curtains (which has taken me awhile) re-do my bulletin board, and eventually make a bed spread.
But right now I have to get some shut eye!
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