Thursday, March 30, 2006


ugh.......I'm sick today :( And I can't get sick!!!!! I have a class tonight, a friend coming from Tabernash to stay the night and an all-day retreat on Sat morning! I have a cough, soar throat, stuffy nose and headache.
yeah...I need to get better. My mom is going to see Narnia today and I get to babysit. lol, but thats okay, I want her to see it!!! It's so goood. She stayed home while my 4 friends and I went to see it at opening night after my birthday party (Which we left a mess!) I felt kinda bad for Plus she can't take Renee to a movie and I'm the only one to stay home with her.

well as soon as I get this dumb scanner to work I will post my newest drawing!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rifle practice

some of you might not know that I compete in 22. rifle shooting. Yeah...wierd I know but I find it to be lotsa fun. So tonight I have practice. I've been in rifle shooting for 3 years. One year I placed 3rd and last year I placed 6th because somthing was wrong with my gun so it didn't shoot right. :( This year I am doing a lot better because of so much practice!
So that is one of my hobbies.
I am trying to figure out a good project to do for the civil war. I was going to try a topagraphical map of gettysburg but thats not happening. I am going to make a meal from the civil war era. I think I might try drawing a map of gettysburg but I always draw maps, I want somthing different. So if you have any ideas don't hesitate to post them!
I am going to start the pbs civil war series that we have on vhs.
Man...this July (1,2,3 the days gettysburg happened) there is going to be a reenaction of Gettysburg at Gettysburg!!!! How cool is that!!! My family wishes we could go but I don't think it will happen :( lol, my family (together) has never been anywhere past Kansas ;) I haven't at least. Tonys been to Flordia and France and of course my mom and dad have. Well maybe somday I'll make it to the east coast. haha. I'd like to go to World Youth Day in a couple of years.
well g2g!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Nothing much has been going on. I have gotten into making rosaries. I've made 3 so far. one is green one is blue and black and the other is glass with little multi-color swirlys. lol. I make the chain ones.
Sundays are lazy dayz. My cousin is bringing over the 3rd season of "little house on the Prairie" I enjoy that tv series.
Last night we watched "robots" it wasn't the best but it was funny.
Until I have somthing interesting to post!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Today I went on a field trip to Barr Lake, it was cool. I saw a great blue herring sitting on it's nest. It was awesome. We have an owl that lives in our backyard and he is really cool to watch. It's a great horned owl.
There is a movie coming out soon (probably around Christmas) that looks pretty cool, it's about St. Nicholas check it out.
Speaking of movies, for school I am doing the Civil war (Which I reeeaaaly enjoy) And I watched the movie Gettysburg. Very good movie! For some reason I enjoy war movies. lol. I haven't watched any recent movies though. I did see Wallace and Gromit and the curse of the were rabbit. That was really funny!
Thats all for now, nothing too exciting going on.
Be sure to post a message!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm tired

So today was like a day of prayer. lol. I was nice though. Went to mass at 8 am adoration at 12 confession at 1 and youth group at 7. yeah, Its great, I really haven't gotten to do any of that this lent. And in between that I went on some errands with my mommy, and made dinner. Yeah, I make dinner every Wednesday night and tonight I made pizza casserole which was good I think. :)
So I am tired and now I am going to good night!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Longitude and Latitude

My family and I are doing this internet class called Journey North and we have a mystery city that another class is in. We have been trying to figure it out since February and this week we found out it was Hawaii! have enjoyed it. We have learned a lot about Longitude and Latitude. I have figured out a few of the other classes (there are 10 altogether) They're all over the world. It was hard to figure them out because you have to figure the longitude out using math and you don't know the latitude. So once I know the longitude I can look up the sunrise and sunset times for the city and if the city and the mystery city match (the times) Then I have my city! Some are easy and some are hard.

We have been watching a website that shows how the time is changing for spring its an awesome site!
You can look at what part of the world is sleeping.
And tonight I have shooting practice....That's all for now!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Where do I begin?

yeah I'm starting a blog. Amazing huh? Lets see how it goes. I'm not much of a blogger I've tried before. lol.
Where do I start? School is going well, I am doing a lot of biology and history. I am studying the civil war and I really enjoy it! I am reading a book called "Gods and Generals" which is really good! Its very interesting to study that time because there are so many photagraphs and it wasn't that long ago. Next I will be doing WWII. And in Biology I did some dissecting (an eye and a heart) that was pretty neat.
Yesterday I did a lot of room plotting. I am painting it green and I made some pink pillows and got some green and blue fabric for my curtains. So now I'm taking all of my posters down off the walls so I can start. Yesterday I also bought a new CD player. It's pretty cool!
Although right now I can't lisen to it because I am giving up music for lent. lol. Well I suppose this is a good start for my blog. I think it will start to look more like a blog in time :)

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