Friday, August 22, 2008

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

We went car shopping thing you must have when car shopping...patience. AND I met the Rocky's autos commercial people and got 3 hats signed, lol. (I gave them to my brothers)

Tonight I'm going to a Rockies game! I will take pictures!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I just got back from taking Renee to the pet store :-) all the boys were gone and she was bored so she said "let's go to the pet store!" She loves me having my license more then I do :-) lol. We fell in love with an adorable boxer puppy!

he looked like this...aren't they the cutest dogs!

Well I didn't get the job at FCB...I think I'll keep my job at Jo-Ann's for a little while longer. Although it's going to be a bit harder. The guy I work with all the time is leaving (for college) and I've been working with him for 2 years. We're the only ones really that work the front end of the store. So now I'm training a couple new people. But It's going to take some getting use to...They wanted to give me the supervisor position but I can't work all the hours they want me to work.
I'm working at my church too and Saturday I'm training for an online tutoring program that pays really well...I work from home so that will be nice.

My youth group is getting ready for our big summer bash :-) fun fun.

I went to student orientation yesterday, got to know the school really well...I'm so excited! :-) my class starts Tuesday.

I saw my buddy Asher a couple days ago! He lives a couple hours away so I don't see him much but he has his license, lol so he drove here.
Here are some pictures:

Asher, me, Nick and Asher's brother Colin

Asher and I

My mom's birthday was on the 13th. twice a year we have a girls birthday party with my aunts and grandma. Julie, my mom and Grandma have spring/summer birthdays so we celebrate those together Sue and I have winter birthdays (we share the same day actually, lol Dec 19th) we make yummy foods and talk :-) I made chocolate covered strawberries! yummy!

What else have I done...hmm...I spent the day with my good friend Lauren, she's in TX now for school :-( It was hard saying goodbye to her. We saw batman again :-)

Here's a picture:

(L to R) My aunt Sue, Aunt Julie, mommy and Grandma!

So yeah, life's pretty busy but good :-) I will update soon!


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And I thought my jokes were bad... ~The Joker

Well so much for a summer blog. My summer has been insane. And a lot of big changes coming up this school year.

I am in the process of trying to get a new job. I have an interview tomorrow at the Christian bookstore. My old youth leader worked there and she is leaving. She put in a good word for me :-) So I really hope I get the job! It pays way better the Jo-Ann's. So we'll see! I also was offered a job at my church doing office work for our rather large youth group.

I was asked to teach Confirmation classes at my church. I'm a little nervous about that...but we'll see, I might really like teaching :-)

And I'm taking a biology class two days a week at Front Range community college. I'm going to student orientation this month and I took my placement test yesterday. I did surprisingly well on the math section! Not so well on the reading, idk why, I've always been good at reading comprehension, I'll probably take that section over.

I saw batman! Amazing! Loved loved loved it. Heath Ledger's acting job as the Joker was incredible.

Oh yeah....

I GOT MY LICENSE!!!!! WOO HOO! I am so happy! I can drive places now :-) My dad is getting a new truck and selling his old one and after all that he's gonna get a "family" car that will be mine for the time being...I get to pay for gas and insurance, lol. But yeah I've been driving Nick and I to lots of youth group events.

So I think that's all the big things. :-) life will be getting crazy pretty soon!

I will update very soon! I promise! I have pictures to post and I'll let you know if I got the job!!!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I just got back from my first baseball game! Rockies vs. Giants. It was a lot of fun! Although the Rockies lost :-( 10-7, but we had a good time! We'll be going to another game soon!

I've been super busy with the start of my summer. The biggest thing was graduation. two other homeschool seniors and our parents put it together. It was really nice...there was a mass and ceremony/reception. I had tons of friends and family come, my grandparents flew in from AZ and stayed with us which was nice :-)
My plan now is to take a year off, get my portfolio ready. I'm looking at either Benedictine in Kansas (good art program) or UNC (if I decide not to major in art)

We took lots of picutures! Here are some:

Class of 2008: David, me and Lauren

My table of stuff. lol

My best friend Katieri and I!

The picture used for the program :-)

Katieri, me and Kayliegh practicing our ninja skills

Me, my niece Tina and my sister Renee...aren't they cute! :-)

My fellow graduate and close friend Lauren

Youth group is keeping me busy. I belong to a pretty active big group. We're raising money for the Stubenville of the Rockies retreat which is next weekend. My brother Nick and I had to sell chocolate, lol. We also have lots of summer activites.

Work...thats always fun. Still working at Jo-Ann's.

I went to a prom with my friends Lauren and Andrew last weekend! That was fun :) It was different from most proms, they played GOOD music lol. Like swing and techno :D
I have a couple pictures from that but they're not on the computer yet so next time!

My pen-pal Eliza (the one who I went to stay with in VA) came to CO last month! It was nice to see her :-) Her mom and 3 sisters took a month long car trip across the US and they stopped here! We took them to the Celestial Seasoning factory.

Oh, here are a couple of my senior pictures...taken in my backyard by Celeste!

Oh! How could I forget! The biggest thing that started my summer was a second trip to D.C.! More pictures I'll have to upload! lol. My mom and I went for 5 days. It was soo much fun! We took the Metro everywhere and it was awesome. I wish we had something like that here. It takes you everywhere and it's so cheap. The only bad thing was it rained all 5 days we were there and our luggage was delayed so we had go to our hotel with nothing and we waiting almost the whole next day for it to arrive to our hotel. lol but it didn't bother us, everyone uses umbrella's there, the rain does not stop tourists in D.C. We stayed in a nice hotel right around the corner from the Iwo Jima Statue. Here are some highlight pictures ;)

This is the staute that was by our hotel. I loooved it there. I'd have to say this was my favorite place. I love WWII history. It was a very nice object to take pictures of, I have tons of them from different angles, these were my favorites.

A guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington cemetary. My mom's favorite place and my 2nd favorite place :)

The National and I went to mass here. It was my 2nd time and my mom's 2nd time (since she was a little girl) and we loooved it there, could've stayed all day.

We went to tons of other places, I'll have to post more pictures soon. A lot of them are the same places I went to last year: the Lincoln memorial, national gallery of art (I could spent forever there) WWII memorial, National portrait gallery. That place was awesome! lol I must share my picture of Jack and I:


So that sums up the beggining of my summer! lol One other highlight! I found a pair of pink low-top converse at a garage sale for $2! Almost new, lol.

Thats all I can think of for now, I'll post more pictures and update soon!
I'd love your comments and I want to hear about your summer!


Monday, June 02, 2008

Hello Blog! Miss me?

Well It's been months since I've posted on this blog. But I am going to get back on it this summer. I promise.

This is whats new:

-Graduated on May 31st :-) Will have pictures up soon!
-Still working at Jo-Ann's but I'm looking for a 2nd job for the summer because I need a car!!!
-Doing tons of stuff with my youth group. Selling chocolate to raise money for Stuebenville of the Rockies! yay!
-Practicing piano
-drawing and painting like usual
-And now I'm going to sleep! It's past my bedtime!

Look back often, I will be posting and there will be pictures, this summer!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

yet another Meme

How old are you? 18

Do you like to write? depends

What’s your favorite TV show? American Idol

What color shirt are you wearing? White

Favorite color? green

Do you play sports? I play tennis. I also like basketball.

Favorite Board Game? Clue

What book(s) are you reading? right now nothing...

Hair Color? black.

Eye Color? brown

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? rocky road

Last email from? George

If you could go any where were would it be? Ireland

I will update my blog later today!!!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bike meme

Damien tagged me!

What color is your bike? a dark pink

Do you ride on seat or off seat? on my seat, off my seat when I'm riding up hill

Where do you like to ride your bike? On the bike trail by our house

What’s your favorite feeling when you ride your bike? umm...idk? lol

Did your bike belong to someone else before it was yours? No. I bought it at wally world

What was your bike before this one? I don't remember, probably another pink bike...

Can you ride an two wheeler? duh.

When did you learn to ride a two wheeler(if you can course)? I was 7.

I tag: Eliza!
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